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B & B Metals Processing Co Inc. is your one-stop for quality metal recycling. Contact our expert team now for more information and pricing.

Is your business overdue for a good cleaning? Do you need help to get rid of your old equipment? B & B Metals Processing Inc. has the answer. With our dumpster services, all you have to do is put your junk in the dumpster. Our team will handle the drop off and pickup for your convenience.

• Tin cans

• Auto bodies

• Radiators

• Brass faucets and fixtures

• Heater cores

Dumpster services available for your business cleanup

Accepted ferrous and non-ferrous metals include

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for Metal Recycling





mixed steel mixed steel auto parts dumpster

Pricing .

Sheet Iron (Tin) & Mixed Loads:  $125/nt:

Unprepared/Shredable Farm Machinery & Steel:  $135/nt

Heavy Torching & Wire  $80/nt

Brake Drums & Rotors: $170/nt

Aluminum Cans:  $0.35 per lb (20lb minimum)

                     **All prices subject to change without notice